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Disrupting The Refrigeration Industry

Hi! My name is Tom Kelleher and I am the Head of Sales at Zeto. Today I would like to describe to you where we see Zeto’s position in the global refrigeration industry. Our aim [...]

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Zeto’s Platform as a Service, Our Technology, Your Platform!

In the previous blog post, Jonathan spoke about how technology is helping us to achieve our company mission; “Bringing IoT to the Refrigeration Industry”. As Product Manager, my job is to utilise this technology to [...]

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Technology Overview

In Stephens first blog post he outlined our mission, "Bringing IoT to the Refrigeration Industry". As CTO, I have the very challenging and enjoyable task of defining the technologies that we use to achieve this [...]

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What’s the mission?

Hi! Today Zeto launches its new website alongside a freshening up of the brand. As part of this new phase in our company’s journey, we are beginning something I personally thought we would never do [...]

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Zeto signs major Lidl contract

It was announced today that Zeto, a Cork based technology firm, has received a €1.7m investment from Kernel Capital through the Bank of Ireland Kernel Capital Venture Fund. As a result of this investment, the [...]

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