In the previous blog post, Jonathan spoke about how technology is helping us to achieve our company mission; “Bringing IoT to the Refrigeration Industry”. As Product Manager, my job is to utilise this technology to create a product that is both cutting edge, and easy to use. In this blog post, I would like to introduce the latest product milestone – Platform as a Service.

What is it?
The team here at Zeto have been busy working on functionality that will allow third party companies, such as refrigeration controller OEMs and maintenance contractors connect their hardware to our platform. Zeto provides the API, the connectivity and a white-labeled user interface for these Paas Clients which enables their own customers to manage their refrigeration equipment from any location.

How does it work?
By leveraging the latest in IoT cloud technology, we enable our PaaS clients to connect their refrigeration equipment to the Zeto platform from anywhere in the world – without investing the time and resources it would have traditionally taken for them to launch their own IoT infrastructure. There are just three simple steps to getting started:

  1. Start communicating with the Zeto Platform
    This can happen by either the PaaS client adding Zeto devices to their refrigeration equipment or by integrating their hardware with our extensive APIs. Either way, this will allow data to be sent to the Zeto Platform, so that users can monitor their equipment, receive alarm notifications and view data in Excel/graph format – all from any location using a web-enabled device.
  1. Configure your platform
    Now that the refrigeration data is being sent to Zeto, the client can start configuring the white-labeled user interface: updating the look and feel of the platform with logos and colors, adding users and setting permissions, etc.
  1. Monitor and manage
    With data being sent to Zeto and the white-labeled user interface up and running – the next step is to login in order to monitor and manage the equipment. Add alarm parameters, set up SMS/Email notifications, download HACCP reports, perform all of the functionality that you would expect with a modern refrigeration management system.

Why do clients need it?
Everyone is talking about IoT and cloud technologies at the moment. Building a scalable, easy to use platform is difficult – Zeto aims to be the clients’ partner in the cloud.

Here are some benefits to using Zeto PaaS:

  • PaaS clients can launch their own IoT platform and start selling the associated platform services at a fraction of the time and costs it would have taken them to launch from scratch.
  • Refrigeration owners are demanding remote monitoring and maintenance functionality as standard from our PaaS clients. Zeto PaaS helps our clients meet these needs quickly and ensure customer retention.
  • Paas Clients get an insight into their refrigeration estate at a scale which was not previously possible
  • Our clients Increase revenue and profits from selling platform related services
  • Zeto PaaS allows client companies to focus on their core business.

We are very excited about our brand new PaaS product and what it will mean for IoT in the global refrigeration industry!

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