Today I would like to describe to you where we see Zeto’s position in the global refrigeration industry. Our aim has always been to disrupt the status quo of software that is available in the industry and in so doing unlock the data that provides real value in terms of time and cost savings to our customers. This data will in turn enhance people’s lives by helping to ensure uncompromised food quality throughout the cold chain.

As Mark Benioff of Salesforce said “The world is being re-shaped by the convergence of social, mobile, cloud, big data, community and other powerful forces. The combination of these technologies unlocks an incredible opportunity to connect everything together in a new way and is dramatically transforming the way we live and work” In March 1999, Marc and his team set out on a journey to disrupt the existing traditional model of CRM Software which was dominated by a few large multinationals.
The goal of these pioneers? To create business software applications in a completely new way, to deliver software through a model known as Software-as-a-Service. This completely eliminated the need for multimillion dollar up-front costs, implementations that could take years and for the on-going complexities of maintenance and constant upgrades (Source:

Like Salesforce, Zeto have entered a traditional style refrigeration software market which has been dominated by Hardware companies who have developed software to communicate with their Hardware. Their systems are sold on an upfront cost basis with a complex wired installation program.

Having visited Euroshop in February 2017, it was quite apparent that the refrigeration industry was still dominated by the traditional Hardware led software companies. Refrigeration OEM’s have in the main not adapted monitoring technology but are now beginning to investigate how they can add value to the refrigeration equipment. They are looking to the latest technologies to find a competitive advantage in the market. Zeto is well positioned with its Platform as a Service product to provide these OEMs, and other key payers in the industry, with the platform that they require and take a lead in this sector.

Zeto’s approach to the market has been based on the following principles:

  1. Easy installation – To this end we provide the market with a wireless system that can be installed without the need to run wires to each unit of refrigeration.
  2. Easy to use – The traditional systems have been built by engineers for engineers. In Zeto we have built a platform that can be easily used by Store managers, Health and Safety Officers, Engineers and Head Office.
  3. Adaptable – New features and workflows are added to the platform on a bi-weekly “sprint” basis which are driven by key customer requirements. Compare this to annual, bi-annual or even longer releases and updates from traditional vendors and the power of being cloud based for real time refrigeration management becomes increasingly apparent.
  4. Scalable Enterprise– The model we offer is based on a scalable system that meets the growing needs of companies. We offer a bird’s eye view into the Enterprise where any store is only two clicks away.
  5. Value for money – Our subscription model allows our customers to benefit from latest technologies and hardware in an ever changing environment.

A recent client of Zeto’s, a 22 store supermarket chain, benefited from this approach.

The client had an existing hard wired system that communicated to a front end manager. The Front End Manager only covered 60% of the stores refrigeration equipment. It was therefore not able to meet the clients HACCP reporting requirements. 40% of the stores refrigeration equipment was not covered by an alarm management system. Alarms for the 60% of equipment that were connected to the Front End were only accessible in the Store Manager Office.

Zeto integrated its platform in to the existing system with no additional hardware required and provided a wireless solution to the remainder of the stores equipment. The key benefits for the client were as follows:

  1. One system recording all the temperature data and the ability to run a HACCP report across all equipment
  2. Our wireless system resulted in an easy install and limited disturbance to the store.
  3. Reduction in food loss through a smart alarm management module
  4. Flexible workflows allowing for a service SOP to be put in place with third party service providers during out of hours.
  5. Enterprise view allowing for ease of access to data from each store.

In conclusion, Zeto are disrupting the traditional software model in the refrigeration industry by providing innovative solutions to address our customers problems. Our platform utilises the latest advancements in cloud, IoT and M2M technologies and are future proofed to help your organisation meet the challenges it faces today and beyond.